About Us

40 YEARS LATER and our standards have not changed.

Mandrels, Inc. was established in 1981 by Rocky Parsons. With a background in oil drilling tools and 20+ years of industry experience at the time, Rocky began the manufacturing of conventional gas lift mandrels. By that time, many companies had moved to manufacturing side pocket mandrels and less of the conventional gas lift mandrels. Rocky insisted on products manufactured by Mandrels, Inc. be of the highest quality with quick turnaround times. He understood the criticalness and the expensive result of a well being down in the field.

Mandrels, Inc. continues to influence the industry as the drawing below was first created by Rocky. The drawing or similar version is used across the industry for showing the standard specifications of a conventional gas lift mandrel.


Mandrels, Inc. named the epoxy phenolic coating, "EP2" or "EP-2", and appears to be the standard name for the coating in the industry.

Mandrels, Inc. manufactures the highest quality of conventional gas lift mandrels in the industry with the fastest turnaround.