Available Mandrels

Gas lift mandrels are available in various sizes, materials and lengths for different operating environments. Can be used in either a single or dual-string completion. The pressure lugs are mounted externally on the mandrel body with the exception of an IM mandrel where the lugs are mounted internally. Each mandrel is put through a strict testing process to ensure it meets industry standards and is of the highest quality.

All Materials Used To Manufacture Our Mandrels Are Procured In The United States.

Common Types Of Gas Lift Mandrels We Manufacture

Annular Flow Fluid


Chemical Injection

Conventional Gas Lift

Downhole Gauge

ESP (Conventional Style & Chemical Injection)

Internally Mounted (IMs) - single and double

Tubing Retrievable

Tubular & Annulus Sensing

Valve Retainer

Custom built to your specifications


Common Product Specifications

Configured for valve sizes:

  • ⅝” OD
  • 1” OD
  • 1½” OD

Material Grades:

  • J-55
  • N-80
  • L-80
  • P-110
  • 13Cr80/85/90/95/110
  • other grades upon request

Tubing Sizes:

  • 2⅜"
  • 2⅞"
  • 3½"
  • 4½"
  • 5½"

Thread Connections:

  • 8Rd EUE
  • NUE
  • Contact us for any not listed

L80 pup joint strings in stock:

  • 2'-12'
  • 2⅜"
  • 2⅞"
  • 3½"

Standard Coatings:

  • EP-2 Epoxy Phenolic
  • Powder Coating
Many other coatings available upon request.

Couplings/collars in the above grades and material are available.

Dimensional Data

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Quality Assurance

Our gas lift mandrels are manufactured from API premium tubular goods and are welded, hydrostatic pressure tested, and coated at our manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas. 100% of our mandrels are hydrotested at 5,000 psi. Pressures or time periods can be adjusted to your requirements. Material certifications(for example, MTRs), Certificates of Compliance, and QA manufacturing checklists are supplied upon request. We also offer Post Weld Heat Treating, NDE Testing, and Mag Particle Testing. Please contact us if you require additional testing or services not listed.